Download the Integrated Genome Browser 8.2

JNLP Distribution (Java Web Start)


  • 1 GB


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  • 5 GB

Which Memory Option should I use?

Choose High Memory IGB if your computer has at least 8 Gb of RAM. Choose Medium Memory IGB if you have 4 Gb of RAM. Choose Low Memory IGB if you have less than 4 Gb RAM.

How this works

Each icon links to a file your browser reads and uses to launch Java Web Start, which stores the IGB software on your computer and starts IGB. If IGB is already on your computer and no newer version is available, clicking the icon will just start IGB without downloading.

Chrome Users

The Chrome Browser does not automatically launch JNLP files, but instead will trigger a download of the launch file (jnlp file). You will need to open the jnlp file manually once the download is complete.

Mac Users

Recent security changes released by Apple make using the Java Webstart option on Mac OSX Mountain Lion or higher more difficult. The security changes prevent users from auto-launching JNLP files.

Click Here to read our notes on recommended workarounds.

Safari Users

Having trouble locating your download?

Click Here to read our documentation for Safari.

Windows Users

Due to the constraints of the windows 32 bit memory model, you will need to install a 64 bit JRE (Java Runtime Environment) in order to run IGB with the "Medium" or "High Memory" options offered above.

Please note that even if you have a 64 bit windows installation, it is possible your java install is still the 32 bit version. To resolve this issue, uninstall the 32 bit version and download the latest 64 bit JRE or JDK from Oracle ( Download Here ).

Launching with the "Medium Memory" or "High Memory" options with a 32 bit Java Runtime Environment can produce the following error.


Note: This error can also appear when you are using a 64 bit JRE if you do not have enough memory available for the option you have selected.

Having Trouble?

We strongly advise you to try to use the java web start version of IGB so you are able to get updates and bug fixes from us as they are released, but if you are having problems starting IGB with the web start version, you can download the latest stable IGB release as a zip file . Unpack the zip file and double-click run_igb.bat (Windows) or run_igb.command (Mac, Unix) to start IGB.

Note: Older releases of IGB are available at sourceforge