Integrated Genome Browser

Visualization for genome-scale data

  • RNA-Seq coverage graphs.

  • IGB start screen.

  • Live tutorials under Help provide step-by-step lessons on using IGB, inside IGB.

  • Edge matching and zoomed-in sequence view, with transparent zoom stripe pointer.

  • Counting reads by click-dragging selection tool.

  • Coloring reads by strand.

  • Plus and minus strand reads in different tiers.

What is IGB?

IGB is a fast, free, and highly customizable genome browser you can use to view and explore big genomic datasets. IGB runs on your desktop and can load data from your local files and also from the internet.

Need help getting started?

If you're new to IGB, contact us to request a demo. You can also watch IGB videos on the IGB YouTube Channel or visit the IGB User's Guide.

Support IGB!

If you use IGB, please help us maintain our funding by writing a letter of support. For details and instructions, see write a support letter.