ProtAnnot - Protein and genome annotation viewer

What is ProtAnnot?

ProtAnnot is a protein annotation viewer implemented in Java that displays protein annotations in the context of the genomic sequence, making it easy to see how alternative mRNA structures affect the various protein products encoded at a locus.

ProtAnnot is developed in the Loraine Lab, part of the Bioinformatics and Genomics Department at University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

ProtAnnot features

Color-coding exons. ProtAnnot color-codes exons according to their frame of translation, thus making it easy to see at every zoom level whenever overlapping exons from different transcripts encode different amino acid sequences.

Protein annotations. ProtAnnot draws protein annotations (when available) underneath the transcripts that encode them, which helps to show how splicing differences affect conserved motifs and domains.

Exon summary. ProtAnnot draws an exon summary graphic where heights of adjacent blocks signal a splicing difference in the transcripts above them.

Genoviz zooming, zoom pointer, and more. ProtAnnot is implemented using the open source Genoviz SDK library, which implements a number of advanced visualization techniques helpful in displaying genomic data.

Image showing ProtAnnot