ProtAnnot - Protein and genome annotation viewer

Download ProtAnnot

To download and launch ProtAnnot, click the image below:

What happens when I click the ProtAnnot image?

When you click the button, your browser will download and launch the ProtAnnot software via a mechanism called Java Web Start.

How this works. The button is linked to a JNLP file, which your browser will download, parse, and then use the information from the file to download the software onto your computer.

Note: Your browser may ask you what you want to do with the JNLP file (instead of automatically downloading it somewhere, or presenting it to you as text).

If a window appears containing the message "Open using application...", click on it and then choose an appliation called "javaws", which is the Java Web start application that comes bundled with your Java installaton, if you alread have Java installed. Be sure to check "Don't ask me again" once you've selected the javaws program.

Locations on your file system where you may find javaws installed include:

If you have problems launching the program, you can test your local java installation at