Integrated Genome Browser - Early Access

Click here for the released and tested version of IGB.

Early Access? What's that?

Early Access releases are the latest development version of IGB, which includes the latest improvements, including many requests from users. However, this early access version has not been thoroughly tested.

To get the latest stable version of IGB, visit the IGB download page.

Install Early Access IGB on Mac

The Early Access installer for Mac is not notarized. To install this unnotarized version, do the following steps.

  1. Right-click and select Open on the .dmg file.

  2. Right-click IGB .dmg file

  3. Right-click on the IGB icon and select Open.

  4. Right-click IGB installer

  5. Click OK if a popup appears saying IGB can't be opened.

  6. Right-click IGB installer

  7. Right-click on the IGB icon again and select Open.

  8. Right-click IGB installer

  9. Click the Open button. The IGB installer should start.

  10. Click on Open button

  11. Follow the installer instructions from here.